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1.1 Acceptable Use Policy: The policy governing the use of the Products and Services by a Customer whether required by Lycamobile or the telecommunications operator of any Network that facilitates access to the Services. The current Acceptable Use Policy is available at item 5 below.

1.2 Account: The mobile telephone account registered or activated by a Customer that Lycamobile uses to provide the Products and Services to a Customer and to administer a Customer’s Personal Data.

1.3 Agreement: These general terms and conditions, the Handbook accompanying the SIM Card, any Acceptable Use Policy and the Charges published by Lycamobile from time to time, including any special offers. An Agreement is deemed made between a Customer and Lycamobile when a Customer registers or activates an Account, uses our Top Up Services or uses our Services, whichever occurs first, and we will provide access to the Network as soon as we can so that provision of the Services can start.

1.4 Charges: The tariffs applicable from time to time for the use of the Services, including any connection fees and special offers. The current tariffs are available at

1.5 Customer: Any individual, company or partnership that registers or activates an Account with Lycamobile. In these general terms and conditions, the Customer is sometimes referred to as “you” or “your”.

1.6 Customer Services Department: The department of Lycamobile that you may contact for any enquiries about the Products or Services. You may contact the Customer Services Department in several ways:

1.7 Lycamobile: Lycamobile Pty Limited (Company Number 139 717 212), which has its registered office at Unit 47, 2 O’Connell Street Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia.

1.8 Network: The telecommunications networks used by Lycamobile to provide the Services to you.

1.9 Personal Data: The personal information that you provide to Lycamobile or that Lycamobile generates, collects, uses, processes and stores about you while providing the Services, including but not limited to your name, address, date of birth, mobile telephone number, call data records including Traffic Data and Location Data, top-up records, credit card or debit card details, billing records, voice mail recordings, copies of e-mails including your e-mail address, and records of Customer Services Department enquiries made by you.

1.10 Privacy Policy: The policy that describes how Lycamobile generates, collects, uses, processes and stores your Personal Data. The current Privacy Policy is available

1.11 Products: The Lycamobile SIM Card and Lycamobile Top-Up Voucher and any other products offered by Lycamobile, including promotional products.

1.12 Roaming Services: The mobile telephone services that you use when travelling outside Australia.

1.13 Services: The mobile telephone services that Lycamobile provides to you, including voice calling, messaging and data services, voicemail, calling line identification presentation (CLIP), calling line identification restriction (CLIR), Top-Up Services, Roaming Services and the services provided by the Customer Services Department.

1.14 Roaming costs are higher than in Australia.

1.15 SIM Card: The prepaid, pre-activated card containing a microprocessor that allows you to access and use the Services by inserting the SIM Card into a compatible GSM mobile telephone.

1.16 Top-Up Services: The services you may use to add credit to the balance of your Account, including the Top-Up Voucher, Online Top-UP and Auto Top-Up.

1.17 Top-Up Voucher: A multifunction voucher (whether in physical or electronic form) containing an 11 digit code that allows you to access and use the Services by redeeming the face value of the voucher.