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This season of love, get great offers for calls, video-talk & more!

Love in its different hues forms one of the most fascinating aspects of being alive. Indeed, one could make the convincing argument that nothing makes you feel more alive than loving someone.

From the love for a friend to love for your life partner or kids, life gives us the chance to express different kinds of love.

But no matter the kinds of love you have for the people in your life, there are certain commonalities among them. And these are sometimes quirky, sometimes delightful but always heart-warming.

Talk to loved ones, wherever you are!

Few things in life are as joyous as talking with loved ones- an aspect that is not changed by the fact that you may be away from your dear ones, maybe even living in a different country.

But Lycamobile makes it easy for you to connect with loved ones, regardless of the physical distances that divide you,

With international call plans that come at great prices, the list of countries that you can contact are many and the hours you could talk with loved ones, potentially endless.

Video-chat, as love seeks more than just your voice

A visual connection is not a courtesy as far as love is concerned, it’s a prerogative. Just talking sometimes won’t do- you should be able to see your loved ones, for the nuances of expressions and the comfort that the sight of a loved one could bring.

Once again, matters of practicality may hamper this wish from being fulfilled. Not if you have a Lycamobile connection though.

For we have a plethora of plans that bring you high data at affordable costs.

The demands that love make are often sweet to fulfil. Be it the urge to talk at all possible moments of the day or the yearning to see your face as you talk, these are things that define us as humans.

Indeed, such wishes are some of the simplest yet the most beautiful aspects of our life.

With Valentine’s Day, we are now in a season when we remind ourselves of the power of love.

And to celebrate the season, you can avail great Lycamobile plans to connect with loved ones. You may even get cool offers on some of the plans.

Head to our website to explore our data and call plans. Don’t keep love waiting.