How to register

Please follow the steps below to register your SIM with Lycamobile.

Insert your new Lycamobile SIM into an unlocked device

Use the Information located on the SIM pack to find your ICCID & PUK numbers (printed on the SIM holder)

Restart your handset and you will receive an SMS with your Lycamobile number

Before you activate your SIM, please disable your mobile data

Please note: The personal details entered to register your SIM must match with the details on your proof of ID

If your details/name on your international passport is different from the details on your visa grant notice or visa label, use the details on your visa grant notice or visa label

Continue with the Online Registration below

SIM details

Proof of Identity details

Personal & Address details

Summary details

Register your Lycamobile SIM

Proof of Identity Details

Please ensure that all information you provided is correct and up to date as this is being used to process your request

Personal & Address Details

eg. For carver street type 'carver'


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