Unlimited Plan M

Unlimited Plan M

*Discounted price applicable for 1st month only


$ 10.00

28 Days New SIM orders only

22GB Data

UnlimitedOz Talk

UnlimitedOz Text

UnlimitedLyca to Lyca calls
(Only in Australia)

Include Landline & Mobile

  • Brazil Brazil
  • Canada Canada
  • China China
  • Colombia Colombia
  • Hong-kong Hong-kong
  • India India
  • Japan Japan
  • Malaysia Malaysia
  • Mexico Mexico
  • New Zealand New Zealand
  • Peru Peru
  • Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
  • Singapore Singapore
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • United States United States

Include Landline & Mobile

  • Bangladesh Bangladesh
  • Cambodia Cambodia
  • Croatia Croatia
  • Indonesia Indonesia
  • Pakistan Pakistan
  • Philippines Philippines
  • Taiwan Taiwan
  • Turkey Turkey
  • Vietnam Vietnam

Include Landline & Mobile

Landline Only

  • Afghanistan Afghanistan
  • Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
  • Egypt Egypt
  • Iran Iran
  • Iraq Iraq
  • Kuwait Kuwait
  • Lebanon Lebanon
  • Russia Russia
  • Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  • Morocco Morocco

Notification 11/04/2019: Please note, that the discounted price is only applicable of the New online customers only and the offer ends on 30/04/2019.

Notification Date,01/02/2019: Please note that the 3GB bonus data offer for online auto-renewals has finished as of 19/02/2019. All subsequent auto-renewals post that date will NOT be subject to bonus data. Please consult the bundle terms and conditions for additional information or call Customer Services for further clarification.

Notification Date 19/01/2018: Customers who purchase or renew the Unlimited Plan M on or after 31/01/2018 will be charged at the new rate of $40.00.

Valid Until 30/06/2018

Existing customers: Dial *139*539# and follow the instructions on the screen or Text 539 to 3535

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