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Amazon music, Spotify & more: the best music streaming apps

The fact that there has never been a single civilization without music should astound you.

While scientists have found races and people who have never had a written language or visual arts, there is no evidence of humans ever living without music being a part of their culture.

And yet, we still don’t know why we like music. The reason why we feel moved by sounds when they are arranged in a certain manner is a debatable point among experts.

While the cause for our collective affection for music remains unknown, the fact remains that music is perhaps the closest thing to magic we have on earth.

Lucky that we are, in the 21st century, we are spoilt for choice about ways to enjoy this magic.

Here are the best music streaming apps, including Amzon music, Spotify and more.


The most popular music streaming service on the internet claims that tag for a few good reasons.

To begin with, the wealth of audio material they have- ranging from songs to albums to podcasts and poetry and news shows- is impressive. The fact that you could easily find old as well as new albums with equal ease is a big plus.

Part of the fun of using a streaming app is discovering new music. And Spotify has got your back on that front too- with personalized recommendations based on your listening habits and an entire section showcasing latest music from different genres, it’s hard not to find something interesting on most days.

While subscribers get full access, non-subscribers would also have to contend with ads and lower sound quality.

Tune in: if you like discovering new music without hassle.

Tune out: if you are looking for depth in one particular genre-say, classical- as the platform focuses on breadth across genres than depth in one particular genre.

Amazon Music

Subscribers to Amazon Prime get this bundled with their subscription. But that doesn’t mean it’s just an add-on. It’s a full-fledged streaming service featuring an impressive catalogue of artists old and new.

To make things more interesting, Amazon has in their repertoire artists who- for mostly legal reasons- aren’t available on Spotify, and vice versa.

So, if you are an audio-junkie who likes to stay on top of the work of all major artists, you may need both the services. On the downside, Amazon Music’s interface is not as smooth as Spotify’s.

Tune in: if you like the digital equivalent of an exhaustive box full of records, new and old.

Tune out: if you don’t like using the less-than-impressive interface. Also, the sound quality can be poorer compared to some other services.


Primephonic is an exclusive western classical streaming app that claims to possess the biggest catalogue in that genre.

The service gives you personalized recommendations and also latest releases from the classical world. From sonatas to chamber music to opera to symphonies, their catalogue is breathless in its diversity- it’s hard to imagine why a classical music lover would want to seek another service.

Also, keeping to the idea of sonic integrity which is key to classical music, the sound quality on the platform is brilliant.

Primephonic is also proof that despite the popularity that Amazon music and Spotify enjoy, there are other apps worth checking out.

Tune in: if you enjoy listening to classical music at high sound fidelity.

Tune out: if you are seeking multiple music genres in one app.


If audio quality is the prime factor you are looking for in a streaming platform, you can’t go wrong with Tidal.
Created for audiophiles who wince at poor sound quality, Tidal brings music from artists old and new for your listening pleasure.

You can also get your fix of the latest chart busters with Tidal.
Compared to apps like Spotify, this may come across as a little cluttered and navigation may not be a great experience through and through..

Tune in: if you believe good music should be listened at the highest sound quality.

Tune out: if you listen more to podcasts than music.

Our recommendation of the best music streaming apps based on listener types

• Casual listeners: You can’t go wrong with either Spotify or Amazon Music. Both offer a wide enough catalogue- with constant updates- to keep you happy on any given day.

• Audiophiles: Tidal is the best service for you as they stream lossless music- meaning, no compromise on sound quality.

• Classical music lovers(and those who want to get into classical music): Whether you are a long-time admirer of Beethoven or you can’t tell the difference between a Chopin and a Brahms concerto, Primephonic is equally useful for both types of listeners.

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