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Your apps might be downloading data without you realising it. Here are five ways you can stop this from happening

Is your smartphone downloading huge amounts of data, especially when you’re not even using that much internet? Many apps and processes on your smartphone can use data without you even realising it. This may lead to you racking up a huge bill! There are many ways you can prevent this from happening. Here, we list five smart ways to help you control data usage on your phone.

1. Turn off auto-updates: Auto-updating apps periodically use a large amount of data. The default setting on your smartphone might be set to auto-update your apps. Turn this off to update manually or only when on Wi-Fi. Here’s how you can do this:

On iOS: Tap on Settings > iTunes & App Store. Scroll down to turn off the Use Mobile Data option to set your phone to update apps only over Wi-Fi
On Android: Open the Play Store app > tap on the Menu button in the top left > tap on Settings. Under General options, tap on Auto-update apps > select Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only

2. Compress data on Google Chrome: You can significantly reduce data usage used by Chrome by turning on the Data Saver setting. To do this, tap on the three vertical dots at the top right corner > tap on Settings > tap on Data Saver under Advanced option > toggle the switch to On position

3. Restrict background data: Even if you’re not actively running apps, they can still consume data by running in the background. You can restrict background data usage so that apps only download data when you actively run them. Here’s how:

On iOS: Tap on Settings > Tap on General menu > Tap on Background App Refresh and turn off
On Android: Tap on Settings > Tap on the three vertical dots in the top right of the screen > tap on Restrict Background Data

4. Turn off auto-download on WhatsApp and Facebook: By default, WhatsApp automatically downloads all videos and images you receive. While image files are small in size, video files can run into several megabytes (MB). Likewise, Facebook auto-plays videos when you’re browsing on the app. Set your WhatsApp and Facebook apps to only download video over Wi-Fi. Here’s how you can change the settings:

On Whatsapp: Tap on the Menu Button > Settings > Data Usage. Choose how and when WhatsApp can automatically download media
On Facebook: Tap on Settings in the Facebook app > Tap on Videos > Tap on Autoplay. Choose when you want the app to autoplay videos

5. Upgrade to affordable data bundles: While optimising your phone to use a minimum amount of data is a very good option, you can also upgrade to affordable data bundles to save even more money. Check out some amazing Lycamobile data plans. If you’re not an existing customer, don’t worry. You can get a free Lycamobile SIM with all our bundles! Lycamobile offers incredibly low rates on texts and calls, too – check them out today!

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